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Cover from:
Issue No 99 Summer 2004

As members of the Umbelliferae family, fennel, parsley, and celeriac produce tiny flowers that invite beneficial insects into the garden. Other similarly helpful herbs fend off insect pests, fight weeds, and prevent plant diseases. Our exploration of good garden companions begins on page 21.

Cover art by
Duane Bibby

  1. The ABCs of Bugs
    Joyce and Jim Lavene
  2. The Power of Companion Planting
    Joel Grossman
  3. Cloister Herb Garden at Le Mont St Michael
    Marian S Schultz
  4. The Allure of Lavender
    Rita Richardson
  5. Herbs for Ashtma
    Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa, DN-C, RH
  1. A Garden-Inspired Summer Dinner
    Pamela Eimers
  2. Holy Basil
    Lakshmi Sridharan, PhD
  3. Soap Shop Story: The Making of an Herb Business
    Donna Kordela
  1. Garden Gate
  2. Letters
  3. Herbalist's Notebook
  4. Herbal Healthwatch
  5. Books
  6. Miscellany
  1. Medicine Chest
  2. Master Gardener
  3. Ask HQ
  4. Potpourri
  5. Herb & Garden Mart
  6. Down the Garden Path
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