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Cover from:
Issue No 104 Fall 2005

Deceptively tame in appearance, spearmint will eagerly spread as far as its runners take it, overwhelming the garden seemingly overnight. But for those who adore its fragrant leaves, spearmint's enthusiastic nature only adds to its charm.

Cover art by
Sandra Glover

  1. The Spearmint Invasion
    Christy Bracey
  2. Weight Loss Herbs
    Heather K. Scott
  3. Herban Renewal at the Missouri Botanical Garden
    Sylvia Forbes
  4. Simple Harvest Soups
    Pam Eimers
  1. Herbs Myth Exposed
    Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa, DN-C, RH
  2. An Herbal of Your Own
    Rita Richardson
  3. The Promise of Fair Trade
    Maggie Howe
  1. Garden Gate
  2. Letters
  3. Herbal Healthwatch
  4. Herbalist's Notebook
  5. Miscellany
  6. Books
  1. Medicine Chest
  2. Master Gardener
  3. Ask HQ
  4. Potpourri
  5. Herb & Garden Mart
  6. Down the Garden Path
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