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Cover from:
Issue No 100 Fall 2004

Some say they're nothing but trouble in the lawn and garden. We beg to differ. In this issue, we extol the virtues of comfrey, nettle, purslane, and seven other worthy "weeds."

Cover art by
Duane Bibby

  1. Worthy Weeds
    Jesse Vernon Trail
  2. Oregon Grape
    Elizabeth Lytle
  3. Homemade Herbal Creams
    Katie Patrick
  4. The Herb Garden at Blandy Experimental Farm
    Marian S. Shultz
  1. Herbs for Men
    Heather K. Scott
  2. A Vegetarian Holiday Feast
    Pamela Eimers
  3. The Herbs of El Dia de los Muertos
    Abbie Barrett
  4. Herbal Vinegar to the Rescue
    Maggie Howe
  1. Garden Gate
  2. Letters
  3. Herbal Healthwatch
  4. Herbalist's Notebook
  5. Books
  6. Medicine Chest
  1. Miscellany
  2. Master Gardener
  3. Ask HQ
  4. Potpourri
  5. Herb & Garden Mart
  6. Down the Garden Path
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