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Issue No 94
Spring 2003 
page 28

Don’t have time to forage for flowers? Order a tiny dandelion faerie kit. It includes cardstock, all flowers, a colored pattern, and instructions (which covers everything except the glue). Send a check or money order for $9.95 plus $2 for shipping and handling to
Honey Blossoms,
164 E 300 S,
Ephraim, UT 84627.


Dandelion Pancakes

Mix 1 cup whole wheat flour, 2 tsp baking powder, 1 tsp cinnamon, and a pinch of salt. Beat 1 egg, 1/2 cup milk, and 2 Tbls olive oil. Add 1 cup chopped dandelion flowers, then blend with dry ingredients. Cook as you would pancakes, and serve with 1/2 cup jam or maple syrup.

Floral designer Randa Black’s company, Honey Blossoms, offers cards, bookmarks, and many other flower-inspired gifts. Visit her website at www.honeyblossoms.com for recipes, stories, and ideas.

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Tiny Dandellion Faerie

1 piece 41/2” x 51/2” white acid-free cardstock
White glue
Pressed flowers:
Buttercup and basket-of-gold (for hair)
Dandelion leaves, fern, and Queen Anne’s Lace (for wings)
Small white rose bud (for head)
Stamen of red bee balm flower (for feelers)
Red verbena petals (for collar)
Bridal wreath, Queen Anne’s lace, red verbena flower (for torso)
2 dandelions, buttercup petals, Queen Anne’s lace, red verbena petal (for skirt)

Glue white rosebud onto cardstock for the head. Remove petals from buttercups and glue around head, two and three deep in some places. Glue clusters and single basket-of-gold flowers around face. Glue red bee balm stamen as feelers.

Affix the small dandelion leaves below head. Add small sprigs of fern and one Queen Anne’s lace blossom. Glue half a red verbena flower as a collar.

Glue two layers of bridal wreath with one Queen Anne’s lace on top for bodice of dress with one red verbena petal.

Now add two dandelions, one below the other, beneath the bodice. Glue two Queen Anne’s lace on each side, one on top of the other. Add tiny fern sprigs and buttercup petals. Let dry. Mat and frame as desired.

Dandelion Jewelry

Collect two or three dozen dandelions with thick stems. To connect, wrap one stem carefully around another and tie a knot. Alternatively, you can carefully slip the stem of one dandelion close to the flower, then thread the stem of another flower through it.

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