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Issue No 94
Spring 2003 
page 26

I use a flower press for dandelions, as theyíre a bit thick. I place them between two pieces of newspaper, then put blotter paper on either side of that. Finally, I put cardboard on either side, and start again with more flowers/newspaper/ blotter, like a sandwich.

When picking dandelions, be sure to gather those at their peak. You might also include a few buds and some that are half-fuzzy

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Spring Wreath
1 sheet 8" x 11" white, acid-free cardstock
White glue
6" round plate
Pressed flowers:
6 burgundy anemones
20 dandelions and leaves
3 nigellas
7 clusters bridal wreath
11 red bee balm
16 clusters forget-me-not
2 red verbena
14 clusters Queen Anneís lace
10 sprigs greenery such as ferns

Place plate in center of cardstock and lightly trace with a pencil. Apply a small amount of glue to a toothpick, and place it on the back of each flower. (Avoid using too much glue, however, as this will make the backing soggy.) Glue flowers onto the wreath in the order they appear in the list above. Let dry, mat, and frame as desired.

Sunny Yellow Soap

Youíll find this a wonderfully fragrant, beautiful soap.

4 oz transparent melt and pour soap base
2 oz white melt and pour soap base
5 dried dandelions
4 drops yellow soap coloring
12 drops wildflower fragrance oil
8 drops sandalwood fragrance oil
4 drops honey chamomile fragrance oil
Supplies: double boiler, eye dropper, spoon, scale, spray bottle of alcohol, soap mold

In the top of the double boiler, over medium heat, melt the two soaps together, stirring gently on occasion. Remove and save the dandelion petals, including the green on the back of the flowers. (Donít remove petals clear to the center of the flowers, or youíll get fuzz, which you donít want in your soap.)

When soap is melted, add coloring and fragrance oils, then gently stir in the dandelion

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