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Issue No 94
Spring 2003 
page 25

Dandelion Delights
Celebrate vernal joys with this quintessential harbinger of spring.

Text and art by:
Randa Black

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    Some consider them a scourge, especially when they pop up on a well-manicured lawn. But dandelions offer an astonishing number of possibilities when it comes to cooking, health, even art. Cultivated for hundreds of years in European kitchen gardens, the dandelion made its way to the New World in the hands of settlers who could not imagine life without them. Native Americans and pioneers made great use of all parts of this sunny plant. Today dandelions appear in everything from cookies to coffee—not to mention jewelry, dye, and homemade paper. Children readily appreciate the dandelion’s beauty. What mother hasn’t been the proud recipient of a handful of these golden flowers? And who hasn’t made a wish upon a fuzzy, gone-to-seed dandelion head? Fortunately, despite the flower’s reputation as a weed, plenty of us still appreciate the great versatility of this highly useful green. In the following pages, I share with you some of my favorite dandelion-inspired craft ideas and recipes. Who knows? They may have you raiding your neighbor’s yard for more of these cheerful little flowers.
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