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In Every Issue

Herbal Healthwatch: Contributing editor Michael Castleman, author of the highly successful The Healing Herbs and The New Healing Herbs, keeps readers up-to-date on advances in the field of herbal medicine.

Miscellany: We cover the latest in herb-world news, from environmental issues to quick planting tips to new innovations that help readers make better use of their harvest.

Books: Readers get the best of the season’s book crop, with honest reviews written by herbalists, cooks, and health practitioners.

Master Gardener: Horticulturists with plenty of dirt under their fingers share their strategies and experiences.

Ask HQ: Do you pronounce the "h" in herb? How can I make my own vanilla extract? Readers pose their toughest questions, and our experts respond.

Down the Garden Path: We close each issue with gardens that inspire— and share lessons learned from the herbalists that created them.


Editorial Statement

Founded in 1978, The Herb Quarterly is America’s oldest herb magazine, bringing the joy of herbs and herb gardening with each new season.

Each issue introduces new herbs and fascinating herbal lore, provides tips on hardto- grow varieties, and showcases gardens from around the world, complete with garden plans. The Herb Quarterly also keeps readers up-to-date on the latest research in medicinal applications, while tempting the palate with seasonal menus built around herbs and edible •owers.

In addition to our in-depth exploration of culinary, historical, medicinal, and horticultural herbalism, each issue provides readers with the practical information they need to fully enjoy the “useful plants.” Experts review the latest books and answer readers’ questions; contributing editors report on tales of interest picked up in the field; and master gardeners share lessons learned. The resulting information comes fully illustrated with stunning original watercolors, making The Herb Quarterly a feast for the eyes as well as the soul.

Published four times a year, The Herb Quarterly reaches readers from many walks of life—gardeners, herbalists, naturopathic doctors and other healers, herb business owners—who share a love of herbs and a respect for nature.

Readers look to each issue as a way to stay connected to America’s vibrant herbal community, while nurturing and making good use of the herbs thriving in their own backyards.


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